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Adelaide Counselling Services to Support, Encourage & Empower.

Why Counselling?

There are times when people need caring and professional support. Sometimes there are things that happen in life that can be difficult to get past. All kinds of things can show up that individuals do not expect or want yet play a big part in the life of the person. When this happens, it can create inner suffering that may be debilitating or paralysing. Sometimes, getting the kind of support needed at these times can be challenging for a variety of reasons.

Counselling provides a holding space where you are respected and not judged, a place to anchor as you work through the issues that are of most concern with a listening professional. Counselling cannot offer magic answers to dilemmas, but can assist you to explore personal values, unhelpful coping methods and possible solutions in a safe environment.

To enquire about services or to make an appointment, please contact Anchorage Counselling on

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